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at the KENWOOD Theatre

Sunday, Sept 8th KENWOOD THETRE: Shalom Bollywood with a Short Film
Tuesday, Sept 10th KENWOOD THEATRE: Kolkatay Kohinoor

Saturday, Sept 7th ESQUIRE THEATRE: Short Film Collection 1 | Short Film Collection 2 | Njan Marykutty
Sunday, Sept 8th ESQUIRE THEATRE: Short Film Collection 3 | Noblemen KD 
Monday, Sept 9th ESQUIRE THEATRE: Vardaniya
Wednesday, Sept. 11 MARIEMONT THEATRE: Painting Life
Thursday, Sept 12th ESQUIRE THEATRE: Tashi
Friday, Sept 13th ESQUIRE THEATRE: One Little Finger
Saturday, Sept 14th ESQUIRE THEATRE: Short Film Collection 4 | Half Widow | Sir

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Shalom Bollywood 
​with a Short Film

SHALOM BOLLYWOOD reveals the unlikely story of the 2000-year-old Indian Jewish community and its formative place in shaping the world's largest film industry.





Kolkatay Kohinoor

 History unfolds many truths. The more we dig in, the more we come to know about the realities of the past. But sometimes, some truths remain hidden and unventured. It is our wisdod...




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